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Garage Door Cables Repair

Let us tackle cable problems! Why take risks with your safety? One call to our company and we will come out to offer garage door cables repair in Euless, Texas. We have long experience and are equipped with quality parts and all tools required for excellent cable services. Cables break but also come off. Expect us to do the repair needed in a jiffy and properly. Get in touch with Garage Door Repair Euless TX today.

Specialists in garage door cables repairGarage Door Cables Repair Euless

Your overhead garage door cables are actually wires, which hold the weight of the door and assist springs in lifting it. In order to do that they must be properly installed and in place. If they are off their drum or snapped, the door won’t open right and won’t close down. Since the cables are connected to either the extension or torsion springs, they are tensed and so dangerous to fix alone. Call us to do any garage door cables repair needed in Euless today.

We fix garage door cables operating on any spring system

We can work on cables, which operate with either spring system. They are connected in a different way. In the case of extension springs, cables go through pulleys and are attached to the tracks. So, any problem with the tracks or pulleys might lead the cables off. Call us if you need:

  • Cable off the drum repair
  • Broken pulleys replacement
  • Cable off the track repair
  • Track alignment and repair
  • Spring repair
  • Garage door cables replacement

At one point, cables become frayed and thus lose their tension and in turn power to lift the door. More often than not, cables wear at the same time as springs do. We can replace them both if they are damaged or broken. Trust that we replace them as fast as possible.

Trust us to install cables correctly

When our techs are installing garage door cables, they also pay attention to the balance of the door. Sometimes, the cable must be adjusted so that there will be no gap under the door. And the cable at the other side of the door must be checked in case it has come off.

Trust that we do any garage door cables repair Euless service properly and quickly. Contact us if you need our assistance today.

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